Children orphanages in Chennai an Overview

orphanages in chennaiOrphanages in Chennai city are on the rise with more and more children becoming orphans because of deceased parents and in many cases when their parents are unknown. These orphanages play a major role in taking care of children, attending to their needs and bringing them up to become good citizens. Until recently many people were not aware of this social problem resulting in few orphanages and many children. But today there are thousands of orphanages across the world and many in Chennai as well.

Orphaned children should be educated and taught to live independently as good future leaders and not miss their parents, though it is hard on the children, especially those who have had the chance of living with parents from a younger age. People who have enough of wealth should come forward to do charity and render help in cash and kind to orphanages.

According to the Bible “service to mankind is service to God.” There are a lot of Christian orphanages in Chennai like Anbu Karangal and Udavum Karangal Chennai to name a few. These orphanages are very actively trying to find donors to help them take care of orphans and provide them nutritious food and clean clothing with a decent education so they will be tomorrow’s future. Such organizations should be supported by fellow human beings so that the children will be comfortable and forget that they are orphans.

Though many orphanages receive donations from government volunteers and individuals also should take it seriously and render services and donations to help little children have at least two good meals a day and some clean clothes and a decent education. The Hindu community also favors orphans and has set up orphanages in various parts of Chennai. To mention one or two of these the Ramakrishna Mission Chennai, the Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram and many more orphanages provide children with food, shelter and education to make them better citizens of the future.

As fellow citizens of this country let us join hands to offer whatever we have for little children who are going through mental agony at the loss of their parents. If we can’t offer them the love and caring they received from parents at least we can offer gifts of cash and kind so they will soon grow up and become aware of their status and feel independent enough to work and live a decent life in this country. There is a long list of orphanages in Chennai if you search online. Identify a few and offer your donations.

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